Recent Projects

31kW Grid Connect Solar

A recently completed 31kW grid connect system at a commercial premises in Orange. 



6kW SMA Off-grid Solar System

This Off-grid system utilisesIMG_3199 1 x Sunny Island & 2 x Sunny Boy inverters. The system provides ample power for this family home.



8kW Grid Connect Solar battery system – White Rock (Kelso)

This 8kW Grid connect system IMG_2711comprises 1 x 3.7kW PowerRouter Solar Battery inverter and 1 x 3.7kW PowerRouter Solar only inverter. The system utilises a 14.4kWh battery bank to maximise self-use of solar generation. Also installed is a 3 phase sensor for 3 phase compensation and external contactor for blackout protection.

10.5kW Grid Connect Solar System – Forest Reefs (via Orange)

This 10.5kW Grid Connected SystemIMG_2969 comprises a Samil SolarRiver 10000TL 3 phase inverter and 42 GermanSolar 250W Poly solar modules.

3.5kW Grid Connect Solar System – Clifton Grove (via Orange)

With 7 x YC500 Micro Inverters & 14 x Trina 250W Solar Modules, this system offers its owners full online monitoring of every panel in the system.




2.2kW Grid Connect Solar System – Orange

System consists of a Samil 2300TL grid connected inverter & 10 x BYD 220W solar modules