Squeezing out coal generation

RepuTex,  a specialist energy and carbon research firm, providing market pricing, forecasting and advisory services to companies in Australia and Asia-Pacific has released a report identifying:

  • Emissions across the Australian NEM have fallen to record lows off the back of a 10 year low in coal generation
  • Increased rate of build for new renewable generation is forecast to outstrip the pace of electricity demand growth through to 2020
  • Non Stationary Energy emissions are forecast to rise through to 2020 on the back of considerable growth in LNG Processing assets

Whether these results will have an effect on electricity prices at a consumer level remains to be seen although lower wholesale prices are forseeable.

The ‘merit order’ effect sees lowest cost generation being used first (renewable generators) before high cost generators such as coal fired turbines and price is determined by the cost of the fuels. Lower prices will come about as more  low cost generators are added to the system and coal generation is squeezed out.

Let’s all do our bit to add to the low cost generation, small business, personal or household (distributed) renewables like rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV) can have some effect on merit order!

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Leah Hudson is a Director of DynSol Pty Ltd and has many years of experience in solar power