Retail Offers and Market Transparency for New Solar Customers

The Alternative Technology Association is promoting a report funded by the Consumer Advocacy Panel by May Mauseth Johnston,June 2013 Alviss Consulting Pty Ltd ‘Retail Offers and Market Transparency for New Solar Customers. The report analyses all aspects of the current retail offers available to new solar customers. assesses the adequacy of information available to consumers and the transparency around the aspects of the offers. In NSW where there is only a voluntary FIT (feed-in tariff) and based on the parameters set by the study, there is a $200 annual difference between the best and the worst of the solar market offers, in rural NSW the annual difference is over $300. Customers would be wise to shop around to ensure they are getting the best available deal. See the report at:
At Dynamic Solar we design systems based on actual power usage which minimises export and maximises the benefit to our customers.

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Leah Hudson is a Director of DynSol Pty Ltd and has many years of experience in solar power