Power to the People

ABC Four Corners last night…..Stephen Long’s story tells us the Americans cannot comprehend Australia not fully embracing the incredible resources we have here for renewable energy, Joe Hockey thinks the wind farm at Lake George is “offensive”, a “blight on the landscape”, Greg Hunt (Fed Environment Minister) thinks ‘clean’ coal is a good solution for our energy requirements, the ACT Minister For Environment & Sustainable Development acknowledges that other states in Australia are hamstrung by the support received from fossil fuel industries, the RET review, as we have already acknowledged, is being run by a climate-change sceptic and coal industry heavyweight, the doubling of electricity prices in the last 5 years is predominantly attributed to infrastructure upgrades for a network increasingly not required….What a joke the approach our government takes to renewables is.

The mayor of Lancaster, California, where they will almost certainly reach 100% renewable energy provision by 2016, is a Republican – a side of politics traditionally hostile to renewables – and has been quoted by the New York Times as saying “I may be a Republican but I’m not an idiot”. I am not so sure we can say that about our government officials!!


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Leah Hudson is a Director of DynSol Pty Ltd and has many years of experience in solar power