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Leah Hudson is a Director of DynSol Pty Ltd and has many years of experience in solar power

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Solar panels drain the sun! Snigger, snigger. snigger

Submitted by on Tue, 27/05/2014 - 17:51
Hardy ha ha…American Satire at it’s best! Lets hope the RET review panel and the Federal Government don’t take this, along with the other rubbish they rely on to make their renewable energy decisions, seriously… http://nationalreport.net/solar-panels-drain-suns-energy-experts-say/

Concern about DC Isolators

Submitted by on Fri, 23/05/2014 - 11:01
If you have seen any of the recent media coverage regarding fire hazard from inferior DC Isolators please be aware that Dynamic Solar use ONLY approved, accredited, components which meet Australian Standards. We do see a number of customers who have had systems installed by out-of-town cowboys. In the interest of public safety and preservation Continue Reading

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