After Sales Support

Get the real deal..!

Before you sign up with an “out of town” solar sales company ask yourself, “Will they come back in the event that my system requires service or repair?”

At Dynamic Solar, we recognise that after the deal has been done the only thing that matters is after sales support. You want your system installed in a timely fashion, using quality components, a quality installation and system monitoring capability.

Our installations are of the highest quality using only the best materials with proven results and backed by industry leading warranties by industry leading suppliers.

Our industry leading warranties include:
  • Inverters with up to 10 years product warranty
  • Solar modules with up to 25 years product warranty and 25 years performance warranty
  • Mounting hardware with 15 years warranty, tested and proven to meet Australian Standards
  • Batteries manufactured in world class ISO14001 accredited facility & with up to 20 years design float life

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional after sales support. This is shown by our commitment to offer inverter technology supporting online monitoring. In the unlikely event of a fault in your system, there’s every possibility that we’ll know about it before you do…..!

Our inverter technology allows us to monitor every last panel in your system to ensure your system is operating optimally.

Where will your solar installer be when it really counts?