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NOTICE TO VISITORS - Dynamic Solar does not engage any tele-marketing or use call centres for any marketing services. All of our business is conducted face to face in regional NSW.

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Dynamic Solar is a designer, supplier and installer of alternative energy systems. Located in Bathurst & Orange NSW, the business services Central West NSW and beyond. Over the past few years, staff at Dynamic Solar have been involved in the design and installation of hundreds of alternative energy systems.

As well as alternative energy projects our staff have also been involved in hundreds of electrical design projects, completing drafting, documentation & onsite investigation. This work includes design of level 3 low voltage & high voltage reticulation systems and electrical reticulation within commercial buildings. Dynamic Solar specialises in the design, sale and installation of alternative energy and industrial power products. This includes Solar Systems, Power Backup Systems, Wind Turbines, LED Lighting, Solar Hot Water, Solar Pumps, Solar Gates, Power Factor Correction Equipment and Generators.